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Lighting can have an influence on the mood of the user as well as the productivity of the workers. More people are working from home or bring work home after usual working hours, making adequate lighting more important at home. Using incorrect lighting before sleep can affect the quality of sleep.

Spek is a LED task lamp designed for those who spend long times sitting at a desk and want adequate lighting. Speak helps users stay productive and diminish the harmful effects that light can have on sleep. by providing the ideal lighting for different situations.


Wireless charging

Spek’s base is thin, flat and heavy enough to make the lamp stable.  It has a built-in Qi wireless charging so that the user can place their smartphone and let it charge.

Adaptable joints

The lamp’s joints allow the lamp to be positioned in different ways. This helps to direct the light in the wanted direction.



Brightness and temperature

Lamp’s built-in wheel allows the user to change the brightness and light temperature. Making the light better suit different moments. The wheel merges with the lamp's body in a seamless way. When rotating the wheel left or right the brightness of the light would decrease or increase. when moving the wheel out and rotating left or right the light becomes cooler or warmer.


Spek app

The Spek app allows the user to quickly access different preset modes for different tasks. These modes have a predetermined level of brightness and color temperature to create the right mood for different tasks, such as focused work. 

The app comes with four preset modes. The brightness and color temperature of these modes are customizable. It is also possible to create different custom modes by choosing the color temperature and brightness levels as wanted. 

The app also allows creating “timeframes” which automate the activation or deactivation of a mode. This way, at a certain time of the day the lamp can switch from a mode to another automatically. For example, at 22:00 in the evening Spec lamp can change from reading mode to evening mode, dimming the light down and make it warmer. This decreases the negative effect of light on circadian rhythms.