[This project was done in collaboration with Haneen Almoosawi]
Having plants indoors is great, they clean the air, they make the space look fresher, etc. but as many other things at home they take a lot of space. Mossagon is a small modular wall planter that allows growing moss indoors. It is perfect for small apartments because it does not take much space.

Mossagon is designed to save space. 

As shown in the image above Mossagon is a thin planter that goes on the wall instead of a surface, saving space to the user.

A unit of the planter has two parts that are made of ABS plastic. The small part goes on the wall and attaches to it with sticky strips; this makes it easy and convenient to remove or place it in another place. The bigger part where the moss is, attaches to the smaller part with magnets, this way the user can safely remove the big part to water it so that the water does not damage the wall or the product.