The Design Museum

I recently visited the new design museum in London. The Design Museum reopened the doors in its new High Street Kensington location on 24 November 2016, before located by the River Thames near Tower Bridge.

The museum includes product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural design work, with a focus in product/industrial design. 

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The museum itself is housed in a very interesting building, before home of the Commonwealth Institute. The museum holds a permanent exhibition that is currently free to access. As well as temporal collections that are accessible with an affordable admission.

The permanent collection is named ‘Designer Maker User’. The exhibition holds about 1000 items and embodies the importance that design has in todays world, the evolution of design and the challenges of modern design.

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The exhibition displays iconic products of companies like Braun, Sony or Apple. Companies that became (and continue to be) extremely successful thanks to their incredibly well-designed products.

There is also a wall with products that have shaped the modern live, such as the phone, type-machines, etc. The wall displays various iterations of such products sowing the evolution that they went thru the first devices until the latest versions.

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This section really impacted me and made me think about the effect that design can have on the world and in people. As you can see above, the installation contains a machine gun and a leg healing device. These two designs were crafted during the second world war. But they have a very different purpose, one of the items is designed to kill while the other is meant to heal an injured person.

Everything that we design has an impact on the world, not just on people but also the environment. Us, designers, should really think about the negative or positive impact that we can make with our creations.

The museum is definitely a spot to visit if you are interested in design and you are in the city.

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If by any chance you are planing to visit The Design Museum, I suggest you also visit Holland Park, a very beautiful park that is located next to the museum. Inside the park there is this beautiful Japanese garden.’Kyoto Garden’ was a gift from Kyoto to commemorate the long friendship between Japan and Great Britain that was gifted 1991.